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    Cavendish Online/Vanguard Lifestrategy Questions

    I'm pretty sure these are silly questions, so apologies in advance.

    I have a VLS 60 with Cavendish Online. I currently pay in 200 a month, but now that my cash reserves are at a comfortable level, I would like to add to this when possible, with whatever I have left over each month. This is not going to be every month, nor will be it be a fixed amount. Can I do this? If so, how? I can see an option for 'invest a lump sum' - whilst I wouldn't consider the amount I'll be putting in as a lump sum per se, is this the route I take?

    Will there be any impact on the fees I pay if I do this?

    Talking of fees, if my current fees are 0.2% service fee and 0.05% advisor ongoing fee, but my holding is low (approx. 1k), and the fund unit price is high (approx. 170), it seems to me that my holding has to be pretty huge (compared to what it is now) before I pay any fees (I've been told they take fees as whole units from the fund). Am I missing something?

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    Yes, it's a lump sum each time, even if it's a relatively small one, as opposed to a regular fixed investment of x per month.

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    If you have a 1K holding then you'll owe them 252.50 per year - you'll need to check the Ts & Cs to see exactly how they expect you to settle that, but don't be under any illusion that you won't need to pay it!

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    Cavendish have a minimum lump sum investment value for their SIPP (and I think ISAs) - Would that affect your plan?

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    Cavendish Online has a minimum lump-sum requirement of 1000. I have a regular monthly payment of 150 per month and will make a 1000+ lump-sum payment each time one of my regular savers matures.

    You'll pay a fee each month which will be collected by selling units in your fund. In the case of multiple funds it will be from the fund with the highest value.

    I've checked my account and in April the fee was paid by selling 0.09 units and in May by selling 1.28 units of a fund.

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