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    Benefits whilst at college/ uni

    Hi, I'm 22 and thinking of going to college next year, I currently rent a property and work full time. However when I go to college I will have to quit my job, therefore having no income. Will I get any benefits/ funding/ help or not to help pay the rent? Has anyone got any experience with this? If not i will have to get a part time job, but still
    Won't be able to afford all the bills

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    No, you cannot claim as a full time student.

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    You can only claim HB in limited circumstances and it doesnt look as though any of them apply to you. Its what your maintenance loan is for plus its not uncommon for students to get jobs to support their studies.

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    I've Just finished a 1 year full time college course. when I started it I was told there was a 19+ maintenance loan and other grants available that I could apply for, 1 week into the course I came to find out I was entitled to nothing and managed to survive by working the first couple of months and in the holidays just to feed myself. I slept on freinds sofas and floors and have managed to get through the course, Now I've applied to Uni and qaulified for maintenance loan and course fees. Even though I told the college about the way I was living, they didn't care.

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    You'll only get benefits if you're either a parent or disabled.

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    Wow, you're a charmer, aren't you?


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