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    Most people retire earlier than expected- I sure did.

    I had every expectation of retiring in my late 60s or as late as 70. I was always reading the articles by the experts telling us that the best approach is to keep working until 70 and then start collecting Social Security. That way more money goes into your bank and investment accounts and you get the maximum Social Security. Seemed so logical but life and people's bias got in the way.

    Once I got to 62, I could do nothing right. Every action real or imaged I did at work was second guessed and spun to the negative. I had a long record of success at work and always got great performance appraisals.

    People started calling me old man and duffer. They kept asking me when I was going to retire. I was marginalized and given less and less to do. All the others workers in the office around my age were falling like flies and once they left none of them could get another job. Finally, I was fired for a poor fit. (After fitting in for over ten years at the company.)

    I can't decide if I should sue for age discrimination, or call it a day and officially retire. For all practical purposes I am retired now. I expect that my story is quite common today.

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    agr discrimination is very hard to prove .especially when you yourself said you could do nothing right and so they have justification .

    unless someone is underfunded i don't know of any experts telling people to retire at 70. none i would consider experts anyway .

    they may recommend taking social security at 70 but that is a different situation than retiring at 70 .

    for someone underfunded , working until 70 may be the silver bullet that turns an underfunded retirement in to a well funded one . it can represent a difference of as much as 800k in savings .

    but that is not something i would say any expert iis telling people to do if they are not underfunded

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    Many people are involuntarily retired, fired for some likely untrue reason, but it's really due to being old! I think we'll see a lot more of this in the future as companies need fewer and fewer workers due to automation.

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    could very well be , but very difficult to make a discrimination case . as long as there is some valid reason the company can come up with ,they can do as they see fit.

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    the company i left found the opposite problem . us retiring seniors are leaving the company with all rather inexperienced youngin's .

    they have me coming in and working as many days as i want ,when i want just doing technical training . this is year 2 i do this once a week unless we are away.

    ironically we build ,sell and service those robots and factory automation gear that put others out of work . it created a flood of opportunity on our end as the company grew in the 20 years i was with them from 8 million to a 100 million dollar company today .


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