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    Council Tax & Living with Students

    After I graduate I'm living in a 2 bed house with 2 students (sharing a room with my partner), but can't really afford to pay the 1200 council tax bill alone because I need to save for my masters. Would I be able to get away with not paying it if I am not on the tenancy agreement & my parents claim I am living at home?

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    If you not registered in a council as living there then yeah as they won't be chasing after you - they don't know that you are living there.

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    Unlikely you will get caught imo alhough if nobody knows you are there. Even the LL? Obviously if they catch you they will want the money and may prosecute unless you pay them straight away. Not sure whether you have to make a declaration to claim the exemption.

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    Former housemate tried this and would have got away with it until she signed on for JSA. Council tax bill arrived a week later.

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    The letting agency we are renting from seem pretty clueless, plus I would be working full time anyway so if they were to carry out an inspection I wouldn't be there to find. The plan was to live in the house, not on the tenancy agreement, and pay my partner half of his rent. And then my parents were going to register me as living at home & I was planning on telling my employer the my official address is my home address to make sure I get the correct student finance for my masters. And then I was planning on putting the money aside incase I got caught so I could just pay it immediately.


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