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    choice between two EMU small cap ETFs

    Looking at topping up ISA with European small cap via ETF.

    Finding the research somewhat confusing, any clue on what the difference is between these two?

    iShares MSCI EMU small cap UCITS ETF ACC EUR. LSE: CEU1

    iShares MSCI EMU Small Cap UCITS ETF (Acc) LSE: CES1

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    Yes, 7Circles also recommends WisdomTree DFE, the thing is I have enough UK holdings and feel v negative on this Brexit stuff going was looking at ex UK ETFs, but I will look again at the holdings for DFE. thanks

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    One is msci emu (CEU1) the other is small cap msci emu (CES1). Both priced in GBX. You might want to take a look at justETF website. Still plenty of info without paying for it.


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