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    How we built our $4m portfolio quickly and safely

    Despite being rejected multiple times by the banks, Wayne and Kirrily Bennett managed to amass 12 properties worth over $4m. Here’s how they did it

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    So basically they got a good break/LUCKY in the timing of things; You cant sell this like its a planned journey of wealth; PAST performance DOES NOT predict future performance people.

    Anyone can say they have millions in property when they bought for cheap and rode the booms!

    Try showing us success stories from SYDNEY NOW when the 50% increase in prices has happened and the avg price is 950k+ for a crappy unrenovated house! Show me that success story guys! I bet you cant, because the math cant stack up unless your earning 250k+ per year and you already had equity! Ha, these stories are such a misleading thing

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    It seems to me, they have set the criteria that their investment properties must meet and research until they find them. I would hazard a guess that an enormous amount of hours have gone into their due diligence for each one, and I reckon countless properties have been struck from the list along the way... which in effect has raised the odds for the success. I anticipate there is a lot of strategic planning going on in the buys and sells in this portfolio. We are only seeing the results here, which, depending on attitude, may generate hope and or at least motivation to learn more by others. We aren't seeing the toil. But regardless, whether we like it or not, this couple have succeeded by having an unusual commitment of doing everything it takes to get the results


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