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    Texting & Swerving Driver Kills 13 Seniors On Bus In Texas

    A texting and swerving driver in a heavy duty pick-up truck wound up killing 13 seniors on bus during/after a head on collision probably after crossing lanes. Video and 911 calls verify the story. Driver has apparently admitted to texting.

    RIP the victims. Condolences to family.

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    Texas is one of the very few states that doesn't have a law against Texting and Driving. Perhaps this tragedy will get the Texas legislators attention. However, even though this stupidity is against the law in most places, it is still up to the individual to recognize the dangers of playing with a cell phone while driving. I just hope this idiot has manslaughter or 2nd degree murder charges brought against him, and that the media gives this case some good publicity that will plant a seed of caution in the minds of some of the fools who drive and play with their cell phones.

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    This is so tragic! That young man will pay a price, time in jail, etc., but even when that's done, he will forever know that he killed 13 people because of a stupid text that could have waited. People like to think that we're adults when we hit 19,20.....but the brains don't actually take root at that moment in a lot of cases.

    When we got our horses, they were six years old, had been trained for riding for a number of years already, and yet among horse people, it is commonly thought that they were still 'brainless', weren't quite mature, hadn't settled. People are like that I think. I remember my 20's, my husbands, our friends......still caught in 'the moment' and not yet understanding our place in the big picture. That's where this young man was. And he'll always have the guilt of those moments of stupidity.

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    Very stupid, but just because of people being killed does not justify judicial murder which is what the death penalty amounts to.

    IMO the offence committed was careless driving.

    IMO not even dangerous driving.

    Over here there is an offence of causing death by careless or dangerous driving (which I disagree with) but use of kiddie phones or playing with sat nav is illegal and carries severe penalties. The root cause here is the absence of legislation to prohibit the use of mobile phones etc. The worst that the driver can be accused of would be dangerous driving but even then a charge of careless driving would be more fitting.

    Though very sad the loss of life in this case is incidental.

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    I saw the video taken by a following car, and there was dangerous driving. The guy was all over the road, using both lanes, almost on the shoulder.....I don't know about the USA but in Canada it's illegal to be on your cell while you drive texting or holding your phone and talking). I always pull over to answer my phone if one of my girls calls while I'm driving.

    I wouldn't be calling for the death penalty at all for this stupid young man, because I'm sure he didn't intend that this happen, but he's chosen to be 'the lesson' to everyone who knows him so some sort of severe penalty is called for.


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