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Thread: PTTRX or DBLTX

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    I recently changed jobs and the new 401(k) have these two bond options. Any advice on which one to go with for a long term (25+ years) horizon? Thank you.

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    just split it 50:50 for a year or two and see how they do, at which time you can decide which management philospophy you are more comfortable with.

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    Hi New ..... 25+ years? Whoa .... that is way too long to plan. How about next year or two. PTTRX does not interest me at all. DBLTX is historically better and safer with 50% USG guaranteed in Agency Pass Throughs and Agency CMOs. DBLTX has higher yield and shorter duration which is better in rising rates. Good Luck.

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    I don't like either one of them, but if forced to make a choice, I would choose DBLTX--less volatile, better yield, shorter duration, looks to be a better fund for rising interest rates.


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