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    Who do I contact first - new debt

    I received a notice in the mail about a debt I apparently have. A company by the name of Enhanced Recovery Corp. (ERC) , contacted me and said I owe a debt from M&T Bank. It's about a $85 debt which they will settle for $75 within 30 days.

    This money isn't a problem for me to pay but this is the first I'm hearing about this debt. I did have an M&T bank account which I closed about 3 years ago. I'm not sure what kind of fees or penalties could have accumulated to this sized debt and I was never contacted by M&T prior to this ERC letter. I had only a debit card as checking account so it couldn't be a past credit card balance.

    I've heard horror stories about harassing phone calls when talking to debt collectors but I have to make sure this is a real debt before I pay. Who do I contact first,M&T or ERC? Also, I imagine this is on my credit report as a debt collector is contacting me so how can I get this off my report?
    Thanks all

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    I'd call the bank first and see if they can verify the debt. If not, the collection agency needs to do so.

    As long as the debt is legit, pay it and be done with it. Do not do anything to give them electronic access to your account, though.

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    Don't pay it over the phone, could be a scam. If they're legit you will get a letter in the mail

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    That sounds pretty typical. The collection agency wouldn't know what the debt was for. And the bank would wipe the debt off their records after they sold it to the agency.

    Pay the bill and be done with it.

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    I had ssimilar happened to me long time ago. I moved to a new place but had incurred a credit card annual fee or $30 that eventually ballooned to $75 few years later after a collector got a hold of me me. It was legit bill so I just paid it off. End of story.


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