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    Urgent advice needed

    Have just found out that my ex in 2015 had changed my kids surname by deed pole without my permission even though I have parental rights by forging my signature. I did give permission for her surname to be added along with mine but she sent in a completely new form with the forged signature. I have spoke to deed poll department and basically they are saying all I can do is write in but they can't see it being changed back even though I never agreed to it. She is now needing a signature from me saying that kids can have a new passport with her surname added but guessing she now does not have copy of my signature so she will get me to write a letter and then she will write another copy of letter but forge signature on that. I'm now in a position where as I can now make this an issue and show that she is not getting away with it and force her to take me to court to get this changed but I'm worried that a judge will say because they have been using new name for past 2 years then it was best to keep it that way, I also know by going down that route that I will then be forced to go down court route to be allowed to see my kids as I know she would put a stop to this as at present there is no court order. Anyone got any experience of this? What do I do?

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    First post after joining nearly 3 years ago.

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    Get some legal advise from a specialist in thus area.

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    Take her to court, have them change it back. Also contact the police as forgery is unlawful.


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