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    Exxon/Mobil Credit card holders, Beware!

    I HAD (not have) a Mobil, then Exxon/Mobil Speedpass device since its inception years ago. I almost never used it, and a couple of the devices (they are serial numbered and registered with the company) expired on their own and became unusable. I recently checked on my last speedpass in my possession, and found that it too had been voided (for whatever reason, they didn't say). I ordered a new one, it arrived 10 days later in the mail. I activated it the same day (by telephone), and the next day, tried to buy gas using the new transponder: it didn't work. I called Speedpass, and a manager told me to wait for a couple more days for the activation to take effect. Three days later, I called Mobil/Exxon Speedpass to inquire if the device was activated, and the agent told me that a gas purchase was made ($53.00+) the day before, IN NEW JERSEY (I live in S. Fla. 1,100 miles away! The gas was charged to my credit card acct. I told them the serial # on my new device, and they told me that device is not active. The device used to buy gas on my account was a newly issued Speedpass I never possessed! Of course, a fraud complaint was filed by me to Citibank (the credit card bank), my Speedpass acct. was closed completely, and the charge taken off my account. My point is that the Speedpass device is a loaded gun: somebody fraudulently got a speedpass connected it to my credit card account AND got the thing activated without my knowledge, while the Speedpass I received was NEVER activated. Beware of the Speedpass, Exxon/Mobil credit customers. Thank you.

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    I used to have a speedpass and really really liked it but I def had some bogus charges on there and felt the security was lacking. I eventually cancelled the pass and the Exxon card also. I wasn't sure they still offered speedpass since its been a while since I've had one.

    I'd like to get another one since it was very convenient and easy to use. Do they let you link it up to other cc or just an Exxon card? Been so long I can't remember

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    They will let you hook up the Speedpass to other major credit cards. But PLEASE: heed my warning about the lack of security involved with the issuing and handling of these devices...if you lose one and somebody finds it, they have UNLIMITED access to anything in an Exxon or Mobil gas station (up to your credit limit). Somebody actually received the Speedpass I ordered, and immediately bought gasoline with it in a town 1,100 miles away. I can't tell you what to do, but after my experience with this, I think its not worth it. Thanks for asking, I hope I've been of some help.

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    Yeah ill prob pass on the speedpass. I wasn't sure if the issues I had were from the pass itself or the Exxon card but sounds like the pass has weak security.

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    Isn't that human nature in action for you - they get it in the mail and immediately run to fill their gas tank with it thinking "free money man!". The only shock is they didn't fill their buddie's gas tanks and their relative's and neighbor's tanks too while they were at it.


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