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    Investments for Taxable account similar

    VWINX and PIMIX look like the best core investments for my IRA accounts. So what do I do in my taxable account with similar returns and stability? Currently will pay 30+% in taxes on ordinary income so please keep that in mind. Thanks in advance

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    I know very little about PIMIX, but for Vanguard taxable account alternatives to VWINX, Vanguard has a tax managed balanced fund VTMFX which is 50/50 stock/bond (vs VWINX 35/65) and which has had reasonably similar performance over time.
    Or you could create your own tax-efficient allocation fund in any ratio you want by combining a tax managed or indexed stock fund such as VTCLX or VFINX along with a municipal bond fund such as VWITX or VWAHX.
    Or you could go the ETF route so you have more control of taxability based on when you buy and sell rather than having to deal with OEF distributions.

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    assumming paying that _30% taxes On everything you make( which you won't)
    Investing per $10k in a 60/40 of VWINX & PIMIX
    since 08' has ave about 7.86% a yr rtn/Taxable Rtn
    or $786 Net taxble income
    -30% taxes = net of $550 per $10k or a 5.5% net Rtn a yr
    I would look for Anyother Investments to Do that Wll but Pay Less Taxes and Net that kind of $

    Sstocks come to mind of payin a 15% CG tax
    My 3 best stocks & other Equity Funds for that have been:

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    Some Use straight Cash only..or a combination of Cash and Muni's..
    For Moderate to Below ave Rtns but tax advantage/paying Less taxes are using some Index Funds, but then again, Do they pay less taxes based upon it making less per IRS levels for tax rates?
    For you and udders..Consider ..
    Our Family Portfolio( Link below)
    since 08'....
    Has not only Lost alot less in 08'
    But OP the Likes of VWINX, VWELX, PRWCX and just about all the other Bal Funds and Index Ports, YTD!

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    Thanks RL and HG. Much appreciated. All good thoughts. All the best to you and your family this holiday weekend. God bless

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    I do not pay much attention to tax considerations in deciding which assets I invest in... mainly because I have no concern with paying taxes when I make money.. it is almost our patriotic duty.
    Don't let the 'tax' tail wag the 'investment' dog !


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