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    Barclays travel notice issues

    A few words of warning if using your Barclays card while traveling internationally.

    I traveled to South Africa and put in a travel notice ahead of time. I got off the plane, used the card for at check in at the hotel for incidentals then went to buy a Sim card. A $40 Sim card purchase was declined and a fraud alert issued.

    Barclays will only remove the alert after actually talking to them. You cannot use secure message. Then when you call in you have to listen to a few useless announcements then have to validate yourself 3 ways before you can actually talk to someone. All this time the meter is running on the call. Barclays had no interest in reimbursing me for the call.

    I understand there is a lot of fraud in SA but jeeze, I put in the travel notice and used it a routine places a traveler would use it. Luckily I had a Chase card also and that had absolutely no issues.

    The Barclay card now enjoys a place in my drawer and the Chase card gets the spend.

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    You practically justified Barclays's worry.

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    I visited South Africa last summer, and had a similar issue with Barclay's. I notified them of my travel dates and intended countries. I used the card three times, and it was then shut down. Fortunately, I didn't have a single issue with my Citi card, and used it several dozen times.

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    I disagree. What is the point of a travel notice if they do not honor it and still freeze the card? I also did not do the 2 big warning signs 1) a very small purchase ($1 or $2) as a test or 2) a very large purchase.

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    There is no point really.


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