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    Classifieds - Sell, swap, donate, barter

    I'm starting a "classifieds" topic given that we may want to swap, barter, sell, or give away some of our stuff to similar minded people in our general neighborhood.
    Here are the ground rules!
    You may post your stuff to this thread only. I will mercilessly delete any new topics started in this forum. This is to keep things contained and people from starting a million topics.
    Keep your listing contained to one post. Don't post ten times with ten different items or even two times with two different items. If you later want to add something, it's better to edit your previous post.
    Don't be overly spammy---if you're posting way more than everybody else, you're probably in violation. It's like being the fastest driver on the freeway
    To keep away spammers, I won't allow you to post unless you have a rating of "Average" (32 posts) or better.

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    My Paper Tiger Reference Library ($100). It'll be interesting to objectivists. The books are from an era before everything got dumbed down. I'm getting rid of them because they take up a lot of space and because I don't use them for referencing.
    My 45lbs bruiser clubbell. I prefer 2x25 because I'm more into power than strength. This will make you freakishly strong; if you can't do 10 pull-ups or 20 push-ups, it's likely too heavy to be much fun though.
    Gymnastic rings + DVD ($70). You need a swing set or a tree or some way of hanging them from something parallel about 8+ft up. I don't have that anymore. Good for pull-ups (better than a bar), dips (again better), planks, push-ups (better), rows (worse), etc. If you can do a single half-assed pull-up, you can use these.
    The famous mountain bike ($50).
    A lot of CDs: $1.. alternatively, I just may give them away to interested parties.
    To lend out indefinitely:

    I also got a bunch of books which I'd be happy to put on infinite rotation in the ERE crowd.
    (Locals only. Shipping costs would be a killer on these items!)

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    Assuming you still have it, can you spare your "Investment Science" book for some months?
    Also, if enough of us are interested in book-lending/pooling, I suggest having a Google Spreadsheet where each sheet is someone's book collection. I will gladly start this as soon as I take an inventory...

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    @NYC ERE - I sold it long ago. It should be available from your library though? Interlibrary here lists 4+ places


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