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    Wooden furniture - wax or varnish ?

    I've bought a lovely wooden rocking chair �� It's solid beech. Is it better to wax or varnish the wood?

    The shop owner recommended waxing it and gave me a tin of Fiddes wax which seems to be top notch furniture wax from online reviews.

    Thanks in advance for advice from any wood experts here ��

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    I love restoring old furniture and always use wax.

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    Thanks both, then I will go with wax ��

    It was dark and grimy from the furniture shop but after a good sanding the true light colour of the beech is revealed, it's nice and smooth and ready to take a good waxing ��

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    Be prepared with lots of rags to rub the wax in and then a soft cloth to finish off. It will look lovely.


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