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    100% of my equity position made money aft...

    Ok, I'll mute the horn..My only stock is Altria, MO and it gained a bit over 1%...I do have some VWINX, Wellesley fund, and it lost under 1%...all other is in cash..No reason to take any risk as I have just enough income to comfortably pay bills and have just a few buck left over most months.

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    Is your headline title like me posting that 100% of my hedge position, PSTIX, PIMCO stocks plus short fund, +3.75%, made money after UK quits EU?
    But says nothing of my portfolio performance.

  3. #3 are so right....I was trying to be funny.
    Actually, my portfolio did gain money Friday in the overall. Cash stayed essentially the same, MO was up a few dollars and Wellesley was down a bit less than MO was up. Altogether I came out roughly $150 ahead of the previousl day's close.

    Thanks for your clever response..
    Bokobob...(My handle from many years ago on the forum)

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    Not to be outdone, but one of my accounts lost ZERO money on Friday! I AM AWESOME --- and pleased to see that its 100% cash position sure saved my bacon and performed as-expected! Take that, Wall Street! /sarcasm
    (sorry, couldn't resist....)

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    My gold and Utlilty ETFs made money on Friday


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