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    Did you retire to where you vacationed?

    My husband and I have been thinking about retirement lately (about 8 years off, we think). One place we are considering is a town we vacation in for a week every summer. I remember reading on here about someone who did just that and hated living where she used to love vacationing.

    Has anyone on here successfully retired to where they used to take vacations? Did you test the waters first - rent for a short while? Spend a season there before you retired?

    We wouldn't live there year-round, as we plan on spending winters in Florida, so I wouldn't need to worry about the "this town is deserted in winter" syndrome. We would likely live there for 5 months per year. It is expensive, though, so it would probably be worth trying out first before taking the plunge. And may be worth testing the idea a few years before we retire to see if we'd like it.

    Any thoughts? Comments? Thanks!

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    Rent for the five months you would be living there for at least for two years. Living some place off season can be very different than vacationing there during prime summer season.

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    Yes. Twice. Never regretted it!

    We DID visit at the worst weather times of the year in both places as weather/climate is very important to us.

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    I have been fortunate to always live in desirable recreation sites, and still maintain PT homes in each:
    in USA...

    Each location is within 1 hr of airport, has main home rented, with a separate (free) living space for us (i.e. a cabin with independent dwelling / access) + RV hook-ups, a spare car and a shop / barn.

    Deductible travel between 'vacation' spots, as well as 1/2 food expense (maintaining Income properties) (deductible as allowed by IRS) (Hint: keep your Domicile in an Income Tax Free State (there are plenty).
    Lush cash flows help too!!

    Friends with high income (usually online businesses) domicile in US Protectorates (Some are very nice places to visit and live!)

    For 'house / location hunting' I recommend house / pet / plant sitting during rotten weather (As per above). I noted over 40 House-sitting requests on one site alone)

    We also always stay with locals, never a hotel / motel. (I like to get the 'straight scoop')


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