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    Unhappy with my realtor..

    I am looking at houses in the Philly area, I live in VA, and going there is a 5 hour drive for me each way. I have found a beautiful community where I would like to live. The homes are selling like hot cakes, with many bids on each house, etc.

    In late May, I found a house I wanted to buy. I contacted the local realtor who specializes in that neighborhood and told her I wanted to offer for the house. By then, I was back in VA, so she emailed me all the documents for Docu-sign. I knew that the bids were closing that day, and I had to make the offer quickly. Among the papers I signed was an agreement to use her as an agent for 90 days. I signed it only because I literally had only hours to make the bid and I was afraid if I didn't sign it, she would screw up the bid. I didn't really like her style, but figured that I would probably get the house.

    Fast forward...I did not win the house. There were 8 offers and, in spite of offering $50K over asking, I was not the highest. Since then, I have been back to PA once to see more homes. Although I called almost a week in advance, she was not free that Saturday to show houses (only 2, but I can understand her having a commitment), so she had another realtor from her office show me the homes. I absolutely loved the other realtor, she was so professional and thorough. She spent just the right amount of time showing the homes and she asked the listing agent my questions. I decided, once again, to make an offer. We wrote the offer that day because it was again the last day of taking bids. Once again, I did not win the house. (12 offers on this house!)

    The first realtor was the one who called me the next afternoon to tell me I didn't win. Of course, I was disappointed, but it happens. She then tried to talk me into looking at another home (her own listing) which is $100K over my highest price. When I said no, she got very huffy. She indicated I should raise my price point, I told her I was not comfortable doing that, it is already sky high.

    I so want to use the second realtor. I have far more confidence in her, and I feel she would do a better job showing me listings. Since I signed with the first one, am I truly forced to stay with her? Thanks for any info you can provide. Buying a home is an emotional and huge financial decision, having the right realtor could make it easier.

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    You might want to offer a bit more than info.

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    Right. I love a nice, succinct post, but a little more information might be helpful.

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    I am not sure what info you are asking about. As I said, this is all fairly new to me. Please advise.

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    Personally, I would allow any client to fire me if the relationship is not working out. You have the right to pick your own realtor.

    I would send #1 an email telling her you no longer want to work with her, and then call the realtor you like and let her know. They ~may~ do an office referral agreement, depending on their relationship and maintaining goodwill in the office, but that's really between them and not something you need to worry about.


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