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    I've got a benign enlarged prostate

    I've been diagnosed with a benign enlarged prostate and at the moment I'm on Ditropan 5mg tablets, 3 times a day. I am a bit worried about this, as I just turned 65 years of age in May and I do tend to be a wurrier.

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    Ok Ian.

    What is the question you wanted to ask us?

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    Ian - I'm a pharmacist and I do know about the tablets you're on. Your condition is BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) which is EXTREMELY common in men your age and almost certainly nothing to worry about. The drug you're on has been in use for many years and should reduce the need to pee during the night. The side effects are usually mild and include constipation and dry mouth.

    Don't worry - you are very much not alone.

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    I have been recently put onto Finasteride for enlarged prostate - I am 54.
    I was quite concerned as read horror stories about really nasty side effects inc. loss of libido, ED etc.

    So far seems OK - no ED, and peeing is a lot better and easier, less popping back to the loo after I have just peed.

    Hoping things stay this good.


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