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    Keeping the Family Home

    My husband and I live in a good neighborhood. It's one of those family neighborhoods where everyone has grown up in. Neighbors know each other and we have a good mix of ages. It is not gated. Neighbors know each other and the neighborhood has get togethers throughout the year.

    It was formed in the early 1980's and 1/4 of all residents are original. About another quarter have been there 20-30 years. Younger families are moving in which is nice and traditions are kept.

    It can be hard to find a home here. The sales are handled by word of mouth and sold to family and friends. Today, I got a call from someone who had seen our home from the street and wanted to know if I wanted to sell. (I do not right now but I was flattered, I guess).

    Since our numbers are unlisted, he did some digging and found my work number and called. He has friends who moved there in January 2017. He and his wife have a young child and want to expand their family. That was us 28 years ago exactly.

    But - we have 3 dogs (1 large) and just aren't ready to move - yet. Maybe someday. However, 3 of our neighbors are original owners - and 2 are approaching 80. At one time, I envisioned moving to an active community, however, that seems a ways off and we are still working but planning for the future. I actually would not mind having 2 homes which was my original intent when I joined CD in the first place!

    How many stayed in the family home? If you moved, did you regret it and did you find the closeness and friendliness of people? Just curious.

    I see the commercials on TV with the Del Webb communities - people having fun together and sometimes I question myself.....

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    We lived in Boca Raton for 5 years, but didn't care for it, probably a different neighborhood. As we have aged we have come to appreciate condos with the less upkeep. I am 83.

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    If it has more than a handful of stairs, narrow doors, and a yard that needs maintaining, thanks but no thanks!


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