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    How damaging is collection agency?

    I have one medical bill from June 2016 that Quest is threatening to send to collection. My insurance won't pay it because Quest billed the procedure twice., when I talked to Quest, they refer me to my doctor, doctor told me they straighten out but Quest still claim it's owned. It's only $111 so I can just pay it and avoid collection which Quest said to do and I will get reimburse. I still want to try to get it straigten out with Quest, but how damaging will it be if they send me to collection? My score are currently in the mid 800's. I'm not looking for any new credit in the next 12 months.

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    I have no doubt there are several members more qualified to answer your questions regarding this matter. That being said, I know for me personally I would never pay a bill that I didn't feel was my responsibility. They can threaten collection all they want. I wouldn't pay it.

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    They should not send you to collections for a bill you do not even owe. If they do, then you could probably get an attorney involved.

    A collection remark on your credit report will hurt, but if this bill is truly not your responsibility, then you should be able to get any such credit remark expunged.

    Do not pay the bill unless you are obligated to pay it. If it is their own internal billing issue, then tell them to get this straightened out or you will get your attorney involved (they do not want this to go to legal). If it is truly your responsibility, then pay it.

    Never pay a bill just to get them off of your back.

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    You can use a FICO score simulator to see what will happen to your score.

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    1. You wont find a reputable attorney who will take on your case regarding a $111 dispute. They wont work on contingency when there is such a small amount in dispute and paying someone who bills at $300/hr for a $111 bill sorta defeats the point.

    2. You might want to look into whether your state attorney general has a way for you to make consumer protection related complaints sooner rather than later.

    3. You may want to go ahead and pay the bill and straighten it out rather than deal with the headache of having your credit report repaired later on.


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