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    Post retirement portfolio

    Firecalc says I can retire. I'm not ready, but I'm now trying to wrap my brain around how my portfolio might need to change to actually retire.

    Right now, I'm heavily invested in tax-avoiding funds that don't give (very much) dividends. Also, about 1/3 of my portfolio is in 401k/ira/roth ... so I can't really touch those for about 20 years.

    Two questions:

    (1) Any book or other reading recommendations to help me with this? I started to look at Bob Clyatt's book, but balked at the number of funds recommended.

    (2) Anyone here just living off VWIAX and/or VWENX? Any tips for doing that?

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    Your questions aside, this statement is not entirely correct. You could use all of the contributions you have made to the Roth account anytime.

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    Before I retired, I read a half dozen books from the Bogleheads list:

    I think that any that appeal to you from that list are probably really good.

    After reading those books, I devised a tentative asset allocation and the good folks at the Bogleheads board helped me to tweak it a bit.


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