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    Washing machines and boring stuff!

    Having read Which on washing machines/tumble dryers I'm utterly confused! I think I've narrowed it down to Bosch versus Samsung. I love the add wash drawer on the Samsung and the ones in graphite colour (yes, I KNOW it's STUPID to go for the colour) but also we have a very old Bosch we've inherited which is still going strong and the German makes are supposed to be the best. Anyone here had experience of either of those makes after a few years of use??? I'd appreciate any opinions on these 2 makes please!

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    I'm a Which subscriber like yourself. In a recent thread on this forum the OP (Virginskyfan) wanted advice on a washing machine with a quiet spin. The thread was noticeable for those praising Bosch and to a lesser extent Miele, perhaps because Miele are expensive and less people own one. The problem for me is that these type of posts are anecdotal.

    You as the person wanting advice has no idea of how the owners who post use and look after their machines, whether they maintain them regularly, whether they load them correctly, how often the machine is used, who is using it, etc.

    I could truthfully say to you that my Bosch washer/dryer I picked after reading the Which reviews at the time is still going strong after 10 years, and to all intents and purposes performs today as well as it did when I bought it. What you don't know is I only use it once every 2 or 3 weeks, that I keep it spotlessly clean, and always use it as the manufacturer intended. I had my previous washer/dryer for 19 years.

    Seeing all the threads about washing machines here since 2011 I'd say on balance Bosch would be your best option even based on anecdotal evidence. To add weight to this entirely personal view I looked at nearly all the washing machines on Which only 2 weeks ago for the thread I mentioned and if it were me I'd say Bosch over Samsung, and go for the more expensive ones as they are quieter.

    Also I'd say to you to visit a large retailer and actually look at your shortlisted machines in the store. Having a play with them might help make up your mind.

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    Most of my domestic appliances used to be Bosch, now they're mainly Samsung.

    The last Bosch washing machine we bought broke down 3 times in 10 months until it was condemned by the engineer. I think it was made in Turkey or Spain like a lot of Bosch stuff these days, it's all built to a price.

    We got a full refund from John Lewis and then added another 100 or so to buy a Samsung Ecobubble, which included an extended 5 year guarantee in the price. The machine exceeded expectations in wash speed, cleaning power, just about everything and most noticeable is the quietness of the machine, you can barely hear it working. We now have a Samsung Condenser Dryer next to it, plumb-able to the waste water outlet, and that is superb as well.

    Unlike the above poster we use our machines a lot, sometimes 2-3 washes a day.

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    I can't think of any retailer that actually has them plumbed in so you can "play with them".
    I'll have to buy one soon.
    I'll simply be looking for best warranty for the price.

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    When I said 'play with them' I meant see what the controls are like, how easy is it to remove the drawer, or drain the machine. The OP said she liked the add wash drawer on the Samsung from the Which review, but if it's a pain to remove, will she still like it?


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