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    What is this when this happens?

    This seems to happen a lot but when I do something out of the ordanairy

    I don't really think much of it but wondering if anyone knows what it is or could be?

    Basically if I do things as a example;

    - Sit on my leg for a prolonged period of time
    - "Jolt" up from a chair really suddenly and quickly

    I'll get like idk how to describe it like when you breath deeply it's like a sharp pain somewhere in your body it feels like the chest but I doubt it, does this ever happen to anyone?

    Also I have another issue not so much a problem now but it used to be a massive problem I used to get muscle spasms in my leg where it would bring me down to my hands and knees.

    They both vanish usually after a couple of minutes but I've had the first experience before for a whole 4 hours but that only ever happened once and that was years ago!

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    Sounds like "The Quickening" to me. You might be one of the Immortals so remember in the end, there can be only one.

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    Is the first pain you describe in your ribs?
    I get a sort of pain when I've been slouched and I sit up suddenly and I get a shooting pain in my ribs/chest area and have to stay still. If I don't stay still I get a couple more shooting pains so I have to wait for it to subside.
    No idea what it is!

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    How do you sit on your leg?
    Why do you jolt up from chairs suddenly and quickly?

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    Your problem is purely that of bad posture. Just remember the words "If it hurts, stop doing it".


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