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    Neighbors become enemies now

    I wasn't sure if I can post this here or not. But I'll give it the college try.
    First, a little husband and I are in our early sixties, husband retired early from a work accident that left him disabled with a closed head injury and a crushed leg. I am semi-retired and do sewing and alterations and sell at craft shows.
    We live in a small neighborhood cul-de-sac court of 10 homes, blue collar neighborhood, some very young kids (20's) up to 65. We bought our home in 2013, paid cash from scrimping and saving for about 35 years, so all we have is utilities, property taxes and house and car insurance and groceries and daily living expenses, and a reasonable vehicle payment. We lived in crap neighborhoods and trailer parks so we could retire and not be in dept. I'm glad the home is paid for, because of my husband's injury. If it wasn't, we would of had to sell the home. We don't splurge and are fairly comfortable, not rich, but happy. We do not mingle with the neighbors or talk, no one here is particularly friendly, we mind our own business and pretty much sit in the backyard.
    A month ago, husband found a good, used 2009 pickup, 4 wheel drive, where we live, we need 4 wheel because of snow and rotten weather on occasions. He was very happy with the purchase. Got home, every thing was fine, then a few weeks ago, we were outside, just looking at the truck, and a neighbor who we don't know or talk to came across the street, drunk and proceeded to scream at us for buying a truck, and we can't afford it and then went on screaming.
    My husband, who does have early dementia, just told him he wasn't going to give him any satisfaction of a fight, I, personally, was pretty taken back as to his actions, but we just walked away and his wife came out and drugged him back into the garage.
    We felt that calling the cops would escalate a bigger problem, you see, this guy is a biker and works for the Railroad, which is a big employer here in our community, most have attitudes, and he has big biker buddies.
    I guess my question is...have any of you had neighbors climb all over you like this. Maybe it's my age, but I don't give a hoot about what the neighbors do. I'm pretty disturbed about someone who we don't know telling us we can't afford anything. I don't think anyone knows we are retired as we really don't show our age.
    By the way, his wife works at a local appliance store and has told us in the store, we can't afford to buy appliances, and the manager lives next door to us. We have purchased a number of furnishings and appliances from this store. This woman has been there about two years now.
    They are pretty nosy, since this guy's wife works where a lot of people buy furnishings and appliances and she has a big mouth in a small town. An unfortunate side effect of small towns. This neighbor also purchased a new pickup a month before my husband got his. Out of this guy's screaming, he was mad that we are trying to out do him, which we aren't. It was just coincidence that my husband found this truck at a dealership.
    I guess I didn't realize I had to clear any purchases with the locals. I was born and raised in this community, and I'm finding people here are getting ill tempered and nasty.

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    Likely he was too drunk to even remember what happened.

    I don't understand behavior like that.

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    Wow, what a pain of a neighbor. Not normal at all-maybe he was drunk or on drugs. What you buy is none of his business. I hope that you can make friends with others in your neighborhood. It makes for more pleasant living.

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    Good Grief !!! Ignore them. Your "wonderful" neighbor is trying to irk you just to make you mad. There are people like this in every community who have nothing better to do. They are the kind of people who need to control and be boss. You can put a damper on their plans but turning away every time you see them. Don't give them the time of day.

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    OP, in the future you may not want to post a long post like that as one big block. Some people see it and sort of mentally tune out. They're just not going to read it. Because it's hard to follow.

    So having paragraphs can actually increase the chance of getting more responses....and therefore more suggestions/advice, and therefor more help with the issue or question at hand.


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