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    Buyer knew it would hit market, before list date

    Just got an offer on my home. Let's call it 1122 Boogie Avenue.

    For months I'd discussed getting it listed with "Darla" my listing agent.

    House was ready to list, Darla came to my home July 12 and I signed agreement that she was the listing agent.

    Photos were taken and it took some days to get listed on MLS. List date was July 17.

    Interesting that I just got an offer to buy and it includes a loan guarantee letter, which references 1122 Boogie Avenue, and it's dated July 13.

    I understand that listing agents are prohibited from telling anyone about my property until it's actually listed. in this case, the person making a formal offer (which is lower than asking price) somehow knew it would be for sale four days before it hit the market, and one day after I signed the listing agreement.

    Thoughts on this? I suppose I have no interest in making an issue of it. Just curious how the buyer runs out and gets a loan letter the day after I signed with listing agent, well before it hit MLS.

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    Agents talk and it's not a problem to share info on homes that are about to hit the market. We even have a board at the office we post our Coming Soon listings.

    If you are in a hot market, you'd be wise to have the house on the market (in the MLS) at least a week to get possible multiple offers. First offer is not always the best (sometimes it is).

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    Who represented that buyer? Not only agents talk, but the photographer, the sign guy, the RE assistant, transaction coordinator, your neighbors, anyone that readied your home for get the idea, far more people know besides your Realtor.

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    Could it be that the buyer has made a previous offer on another home and the lender just changed the address on the letter, but not the date?

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    I've been an agent. I've known lots of agents. I've NEVER heard that an agent is prohibited from telling other agents or potential buyers about an upcoming listing. Quite the opposite was encouraged to begin the marketing, even if the list date was a short time away. In my office we had a weekly stand up meeting. One item always on the agenda was upcoming listings and new listings.

    Why is this a concern for you? Even in the hottest of markets this kind of early knowledge helps create a buzz.


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