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    How to deal with petty coworker

    At work, there is one woman who has made it her mission the last month or so to try and provoke me into losing my temper in a spectacular fashion. Normally, I just ignore it and stick to working near people who keep me calm. However, with my personal situation of the last month being quite challenging on me (relative with terminal brain cancer, maximum of 12 months to live) I have been finding myself getting stressed out quite easily again. As a consequence, this worker has been pushing my buttons in a spectacular fashion, and one day it got so bad I walked out for 10 minutes and punched a brick wall repeatedly so I didn't hit someone in the store.

    I then found out a week later she had been telling people that the management don't like me, they think I am useless at my job, want to sack me and are now actively looking for a reason to sack me. I asked my line manager, her manager and the area manager and they all assured me that they have no problems with me. It's now got to the stage where if I have to work on the same job as her, I ask to be put in a section on my own to work so I am nowhere near her. Last night, when I did it she went whining to our manager who told her to stop interfering, and then when the manager asked me to go and do special jobs that needed doing that was wrong with the coworker because I am getting special treatment.

    Short of quitting, or assaulting her (and she really isn't worth me getting a criminal record for), what other steps can I do to make sure that any jobs I do with her I have as little as possible to do with her as possible? I could go down a formal complaint route but don't want to unless it's the last resort.

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    What else does she do other than spreading malicious rumours about you. Do you have proof of any of it?

    Report her to your managers or HR. Its their job to deal with situations like this.

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    Tries starting arguments with me in the middle of jobs, makes digs at me which I barely hear but hear my name mentioned. I am just getting sick of it and think one day I will just put in a formal complaint to HR about her.

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    Your first priority is to look after yourself more. If you really are punching a brick wall repeatedly then you need to get some help dealing with the stress you're under.

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    Go down the formal complaint route. That's what it's there for. I can't think why you wouldn't.

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    Make a formal complaint now. given you wrote "Last night, when I did it she went whining to our manager who told her to stop interfering", it would seem that managers may already recognise there is a problem.


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