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    For Those Who Retired Early -- Why?

    Late wife and I worked for the same agency for 30 years and retired within a month of each other. I was 53, she a few years older.

    She was simply burned out after 30 years but would've hung on if I had.

    My reasons:
    1) Parents, in their early and mid-70s respectively, died unexpectedly within 18 months of each other. I say unexpectedly because their health profiles were even better than mine and my only issue was a slightly elevated blood pressure well-controlled by meds and exercise. I figured that I was cursed with lousy genes regardless of lifestyle and wanted to enjoy a bit of retirement.

    2) But the main reason was the 64-mile (round trip) commute. Hate driving. For a number of years we were in an employer-sponsored van pool but that had its own issues especially when the agency introduced flex-time. people could choose their own starting and leaving times as long as they worked certain core hrs. (9:30 am-2:30 pm) during the day

    Fortunately, we were able to afford retirement financially.

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    1. I could not stand my newest boss and I was her management assistant. I had to finish out 5 years so I could take my health insurance into retirement and I worked about one month extra just to make sure.

    2. Hubby got laid off with 5000 others and took early retirement.

    We had planned our retirement for 30+ years and so it was an easy slide into it. Both of us were around 57.

    Our net worth is double what we planned for and pretty secure with pensions added in.

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    We retired at the peak of our earning years (which can be a gut-wrenching decision) because we decided we had saved enough and wanted to do things that wouldn't have been possible while holding a job.

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    I retired at 61 instead of 62 as I'd always planned. I'd had a gutful and spent most of the last year from 60 to 61 on sick leave. I decided to just retire instead of going back for one year. I still had a year of leave accrued when I left. I could have spent that year but would have continued to be required to submit medical paperwork every three or four weeks. It wasn't worth it.


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