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    Argos faulty goods after 30 days?

    After some advice guys? I bought a Fitbit fitness tracker from Argos. It's supposed to have 5 days battery life but from day 1 I noticed mine wasn't lasting longer than 3 days. I thought it might have been something I was doing. Using to many features etc so I turned all off. It didn't help and a couple of weeks later I was only getting 1 days charge without barely using it.

    I returned it to Argos. 31 days after purchases, 1 day out from there returns policy, they wouldn't do anything and sent me to fitbit. I checked the fitbit forum and it's full of people with this issue, fitbit will continually send replacements for 12 months and after that tough crap.

    It wasn't a cheap item 150, is there anything I can do to get my money back? I don't want to be stuck in a constant cycle of replacements from fitbit. The product a fitbit charge is not fit for purpose.

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    Just remembered I paid for this on my credit card, surly this offers some protection

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    From what I understand you have no right to an automatic refund...however Argos have passed the buck by referring you to Fitbit, they are the seller they are responsible to try and get it repaired, or offer a replacement, but it is there choice what they decide to do. They could offer a refund as well, but they are not obliged to do so.

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    For the first 6 months, Argos have to prove that the fitbit is NOT faulty. And for the first two years, Argos are responsible for replacement / repair / refund. Easiest option is (assuming Fitbits cost over 100 - I don't have one so don't know!) to get your credit card company to sort it out.

    Argos are famed for mis-telling you your rights under consumer protection . sale of goods. Google them for yourself and read up on it, then go in knowing all the facts.


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