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    What music do you prefer?

    I have gotten out of the habit of listening to music as much as I used to for some reason. Today I turned on an oldies (Simon& Garfunkel) station on Pandora and listened to it while I worked at my table. Wow! I felt so good after a while! It really lifted my spirits to listen to a lot of old favorites from when I was a teen/young adult, to the point that not only was I singing along, but got up and danced, too. I enjoy most music, including classical, pop, showtunes, and much of the contemporary music played today on the radio (I was visiting a young teen grandchild and talking about music and he said---"gee, grandma, you like hip-hop!")---but I guess the feelings I got listening to those old songs were special.

    What music do you enjoy? Does it affect you differently? And do you listen to the radio, to your own CD's or records/tapes, or to a specialty service like Pandora?

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    I have an extensive iTunes library I listen to at home. Then, of course, I have ipod and music on iphone plus several local stations. I listen to everything but rap. Love the old heavy metal and classic rock but also sneak in some country, R&B, do-wap and even classical depending on my mood.
    My 'most listened to' in iTunes is 'The Allman Brothers, A Decade of Hits'.
    I fish a lot and listen to music or sports radio while "out there by myself"

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    For music I am stuck in the 60's/70's. I really can't listen to much else.

    One day I was with friends and asked each one what they had in the CD player in their car. All were 60's/70's rock but one. She had Prince. She got a few strange looks. I had Dusty Springfield in mine.

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    My daughter introduced me to The Baseballs. They do retro-style covers of current pop songs and they are AMAZING! If you enjoy the Beach Boys and 1950s rockabilly (or if you simply appreciate great singing and musicianship) you might like how they transform pop songs into highly listen-able music! And they are from Germany!

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    Nearly everything! If it's music chances are good that I will like it.

    Dad played in a Forties dance band while I was growing up.
    I was raised in the Lutheran faith and we have many beautiful hymns and good composers.
    I studied classical piano for nearly ten years.
    Played the trumpet in a school orchestra and marching band.
    Listened to a lot of German polka music on the radio when I was young.
    I have family who are concert pianists, music teachers and musicians.


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