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    Order of importance to fix

    I can do maybe three of these before I sell my condo, not all. Which are the most important to do?

    A. Smooth out popcorn ceilings
    B. Repaint to a neutral color (right now multicolored)
    C. Stage before open house
    D. Change old kitchen tiles to wood
    E. Wax and seal wooden floors in living area
    F. Change to new windows

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    Depends on your location and competition. Ask your realtor.

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    A. Smooth out popcorn ceilings
    B. Repaint to a neutral color
    C. Stage before open house

    Popcorn ceilings are worth the effort to remove.

    Even if you decide not to remove popcorn ceiling, definitely repaint to contemporary neutral color.

    Clean and stage is well worth the effort. You can hire a stager to consult. Some real estate agents even provide this service as part of their marketing package.

    If you have the funds and time to replace old kitchen tiles, it would update things and make it more appealing but not to the extent that the paint, ceiling, and staging will.

    There's a product you can apply to the wood floors to make them look shiny and new.

    Changing out the windows is will be appreciated by buyers, but it doesn't help create the "I'm home" feeling as the other things do.

    The most bang for your buck is likely going to be serious decluttering and cleaning. Followed by neutral paint, staging, popcorn ceilings, and kitchen floor.

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    Aside from the painting and a good cleaning NONE are "important" at all
    Don't do more.

    If the BUYER wants to do any before moving in... they can.

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    I would worry that many condo associations DO NOT allow individual unit owners to change their windows and even if allowed it is a VERY POOR return on investment. Cross that off list.

    Frankly I tend to agree that the LESS YOU DO THE BETTER THE RETURN! That means spend the most time working on STAGING! In that category I absolutely would include CLEANING THE PLACE so that is has the appearance and smell of FRESHNESS. If the "multicolored paint" detracts from the "freshness" then absolutely repaint BUT if the current colors are very up to date don't waste your time.

    If painting is a must due to out of date colors it probably makes sense to consider smoothing out ceilings BUT depending on when the "popcorn" was applied it may be part of the multiunit "fireproofing standards" and could have asbestos -- not worth tampering with!

    I would put "waxing floors" under the category of CLEAN THE PLACE but if you instead mean getting the floors refinished that is more costly and disruptive -- not needed unless floors are BADLY worn.

    As much as I love wood floors in my kitchen it probably NOT A PRIORITY for condo buyers and might even be a negative -- condo owners are not as careful as those in single family homes and they won't want anything that seems like more maintenance (though in truth wood floors sealed with poiy are very easy to maintain...) and there is the potential for greater noise transmission which is always a negative in condo...


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