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    Finding a suitable paint/varnish

    I want to protect our set of garden furniture but the problem is the colour is what I would call a old fashioned white.It is white with dark patches.I am looking for something that will not change it's appearance.I have just bought a tin of Ronseal clear outdoor varnish /The store assistant seems to think it should be fine but just noticed on the tin it says this product is slightly tinted and may have a darkening effect on light coloured bare wood so not sure whether to use or not.Have sent a email to Ronseal but just wondered if someone on DS might have a idea.Have not opened the tin yet.

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    Just to be clear the furniture has been painted an off white already or has the timber bleached?

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    It has been painted white I have been in touch with Ronseal and what I bought will not be suitable so will take it back.My wife has said she would like a similar colour to what we have in the bathroom which is oyster white but would need to be a exterior paint but cannot se any online.

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    I would imagine all the major paint manufactures can colour match Oyster White, Dulux, Crown, Rustins, Sherwin Williams, just make sure it's suitable for exterior timber and you will need to key the furniture before applying.


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