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    Algorithmic Trading

    Is this something that interests you? Not me.
    It takes money to make money. How much depends on WHAT or HOW you are investing in something. This algorithmic trading would require a nice cushion in the kitty to start with. Otherwise, why bother?
    I'm truly sorry, but this is not "investing." It's pure speculation. A numbers game. I doubt Warren Buffett would give it even a glance --unless it was to buy out the one with the better mousetrap. LOL!

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    I'm not interested in doing algorithmic trading, but I thought the story was interesting enough to read. I posted it here because some other members might think the same.

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    I've done that for years. I am about neck and neck with the s and p.

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    I did that in the index futures markets for a few years and did "okay" with it ..... despite both losing and winning large sums[1] regularly during that period both manually and algorithmically. Though while it took me a while to get used to a totally hands-off way of day trading, I ended up closing that 'fun money' speculative account to help pay for a new car instead, which I must say is much more fun to use regularly.

    One of the things that annoyed me was that I needed to buy/rent the trading platform (TradeStation) and then pay for data feeds on top of the platform costs -- so there was a sizable chunk of monthly costs (upwards of $150/mo) that, for the size of the account I devoted to it, wasn't worth it to me. Most of the programmable daytrading platforms (TradeStation, MetaStock, Neuroshell, etc) all have notable monthly or annual lease costs, your data feeds for price tend to be extra as well.

    If I trade futures now I do them manually via a different account where the data is free and they're held over a much longer timeframe.
    [1] to wit: I both made and lost $15K on index futures in the span of 2 trading days. Lost $11K one day and made it back and more on the second. Most certainly not for the weak-stomached!

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    I use screens, and don't even look at the individual stock. The idea is to keep emotion out, and just do whatever the screen tells you to do.

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    I use Interactive brokers, where trades are as low as 1.00 per trade, so commissions don't kill you. As I said, I am about equal the s and p, but one person beats it by 8.5% on average every year for 10 years. (then some fail miserably). It takes a lot more skill than one would think.


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