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    So How Often Then?

    Well after all the hype there was about the whole 16 day Discover CLI, it seems the general consensus is that its over... It might have been Discover being real nice or a bug in their system lol, who knows... I was late to the party though, i was only able to take advantage of it once and 4 days before my next CLI attempt the reports of it not working started coming in... I tried on 16th and 17th day to be sure but both were a no go (i guess ill be receiving 2 letters anytime soon saying the time in between request was too short...) Oh well, now i guess my question is, how often should i press the CLI button now that things are back to normal and considering i technically got a CLI about 3 weeks ago. 3 months? 4? 6? Before this whole 16 day CLI thing i hadn't really made a habit of asking discover for CLIs.

    Also, i know its a soft pull... but its not a big deal that i asked for 2 CLI consecutively within a span of 48 hours, right? Its not like im going to keep doing that, i was just checking if the 16 day thing was really done... Dont wanna piss off Discover, I just wanna raise my limit with them.

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    If asking for a CLI "pisses them off", then you really don't need them as a lender. They are free to decline your request just as you are free to ask.

    Having said that, I'd do it at LEAST every 3 months. 6 at the very outside if for some reason you really want to tread lightly with them. I know of no lender that takes offense to a 6 month request though someone could well pop up with a one in a million exception.....

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    Lol I guess i never saw it that way, i guess you have a point.

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    Hmm at LEAST every 3 months? cool i guess i have been a little conservative... and considering its only a soft pull i guess ill start trying more often!
    It'd be nice to slowly get my cards above that 10k mark.

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    Before the 16 day train took off, it was assumed that you could ask after every statement cut without penalty. As long as you aren't taking a hard pull each time, I see no problem with this mentality.


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