There have been articles from last month talking up value funds for 2017. And if you look at the little green and pink squares on the M* home page, they were looking good recently. I am wondering about their performance going into the new year (especially now that those little squares are looking pink on the value side) It is also held that while value out performs growth over the long haul, it isn't favored in the later period of the business cycle where we are now. Just wondering what others take on this is. I'm not a long haul investor, so don't like any laggards loafing on the job chowing down on my other gains.
To sum this up into a simple question, what are your thoughts on value for the next 1 or two quarters, and what might be bringing the value market down the past week or so? I don't mind riding the markets a few weeks but longer than that, I'd just as soon move on to more promising areas.