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    Commission where agent is the buyer?

    I had an agent approach me about one of our properties. I asked if he had a buyer or was just looking around and he replied that he was actually buying for himself. He wanted to know if his commission would be covered and I said, "If you're the buyer, you wouldn't be paying a commission to yourself, would you?

    He said that he'd actually be buying it with his wife but to me that seems like the same thing.

    He then said that if another agent brought them in as buyers that agent would be looking for a commission, and I said, "Yeah, but you are not that other agent."

    In any event, is there a standard procedure in this situation?

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    Builders will usually pay and if he buys a home in the MLS he will be paid but no there is no standard.

    Just tell him you priced it with no agent involvement. You might lose him but you can sell to the next guy with no agent

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    This is standard real estate agent modus operandi. Offer him the property at a high enough price to cover "his commission".

    Option 2: Laugh in his face.

    He's out of his cotton picking mind. His behavior is far from shocking, however.

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    If he wants to pay taxes on a portion of his contract price, let him have a commission as long as it does not impact "NET PROCEEDS TO SELLER."

    Just keep your focus squarely on "NET PROCEEDS TO SELLER."

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    I'm not sure why he would want a commission if he's buying it for himself -- it's better to get a good price on the property and not have to pay income taxes on the commission.


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