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    Elder financial abuse

    Have you experienced or do you have family and friends who have?

    We all do. I have a deceased aunt who sold her home for a small amount, maybe $100 to a shark. I found out about it in the local newspaper. Wasn't close to her and her children so not quite sure how it ended.

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    My mother(91) recently had a bad fall, and is in a rehab center. The amount of pleas for money that fill her mailbox daily is horrifying, and another example of elder abuse IMO. Some of them have hand-written envelopes and appear to be get-well cards so we don't catch them all before she sees them, and she's a sucker for the face of a hungry child. We finally had to tell her she just plain can't afford to support every single charity that requests money. I shudder to think of how much she's given away over the past few years.

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    I was discussing some cases with a couple of my brothers and their wives recently. Both women had struggled to protect their fathers. One's father had been taken advantage of by strangers who offered to do odd jobs and "help out." They ended up moving in with him and taking his money and abusing him. She and her sisters had a terrible time getting them evicted because he didn't want to admit what was going on. My other sister-in-law's father was constantly being hit on by get-rich fraudsters. She told me of one instance where he went to his bank to send $10,000 to one of them. The people in the bank knew him and told him, no, that guy was trying to take his money. So he went to another branch where he was a stranger and did the transfer. She has had to put limits on the amount of money he can withdraw from his accounts.

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    I thank god my MIL is smart enough to not fall for all the scams that come her way.

    She called us once - frightened that she had given her social security number to a company that called her over the phone..... we called and cancelled her subscription and told them we would report them to the police.

    She and my FIL were also persuaded to use their Wachovia brokers FATHER as their POA. Red flags there. We reported him to his supervisors.

    And the funniest/ saddest.... my FIL passed away at age 90. Three weeks later an old family friend presented himself at MILs door with his son and proposed marriage.

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    He was a gambler.... didn't have enough $$$ to live out the rest of his life.

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    Three weeks later an old family friend presented himself at MILs door with his son and proposed marriage.


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