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    Credit card for Retirement

    I deal with 3 banks now plus other institutions

    I am going with one bank in my retirement

    My question is what is a good credit card for me

    I need 10,000 limit ,I do not travel,so no need to collect points

    Cash back is good

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    CapitalOne has some good cash back cards.

    Tangerine has a good one as well.

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    It usually is a good idea to have more than one credit card. Sometimes one bank will have an IT problem which precludes one from using their card. In addition, if your card is comprised, the bank will freeze the account and you may have to wait until a new card is issued. Happened to a friend who was out of the country with only one card which could not be used.

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    I agree. Always have a second credit card. One Visa and one MC is a good way to go. I have always had 2 cards in event one was not accepted somewhere and/or it was frozen/compromised.

    I believe the latest issue of MoneySense has a good article on credit cards, and especially cashback credit cards.

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    I do agree with getting two bards. I just had my card compromised, so while that one is getting replaced, I will use my secondary.

    The card depends on what, where, and how much you spend you spend. Mostly something with a cash back and no fee.


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