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    The price of inequality is too high.

    We would all benefit if the gap between rich and poor within this country was much smaller. Average life expectancy would rise for rich and poor. Infant mortality would fall for rich and poor. Mental illness would fall for rich and poor. Even Tories would benefit from progressive taxation and a more even distribution of income and wealth. Only willful ignorance stands in their way.

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    Excellent video and well worth seeing once I got the opportunity.

    Two points:

    1. I have mentioned before the lack of social mobility in the USA which has now destroyed 'The American Dream'
    2. Japan versus the Nordic Countries:

    Japan has reduced inequality by REDUCING taxation (coming from a less unequal base)

    The Nordic countries have INCREASED taxation to reduce inequality (but if they have come from a less equal base is subjective from the data provided)

    I've always believed in making the poor richer rather than making the rich poorer and I'd ratrher be Japanese than Danish in this respect; HOWEVER I've also mentioned before that studying in Denmark in 1993 had a profound affect on me in that the high taxation combined with zero visible poverty made me feel that Denmark at least was a far fairer society than in the UK.

    Whether many of us would rather live in a bland and more equal society or enjoy the homicidal cut and thrust of a greed is another matter; human beings are still rather nasty animals whatever clothes they wear to cover up their desire to kill and maim anything and everything that gets in their way.

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    We instinctively know that the UK is a broken society, yet, when David Cameron said what most think, all hell broke loose, with the pc brigade relatiating with denial and condemnation. DC should have stuck to his guns, armed with this type of ammunition.

    This is an excellent presentation which shows just how messed up we are in the UK. The Nordic countries have been engineering their societies for many years to get where they are today. How long will it take the UK to make even a dent in the statistics? Is it even possible when the politicians are only motivated by self interest can they ensure they stay in power or win power, and sod the rest of us? If you feel dis-enfranchised and helpless, you typically don't bother to vote, so why should the politicians care!

    My son has lived in Dubai for the past 6 years, and he and his wife-to-be, plus their many ex-pat friends, see no reason why they would ever want to return to their own Country. The result; those we have brought up to be well educated, socially mobile, and entrepreneurial, are leaving our society. Very sad, but totally understandable!

    I can foresee a time when we'll have a society dominated by the political classes, those with safe jobs in the public sector telling us what to do and how to do it, a powerless private sector hammered on every front, and a growing tier of the dis-enfranchised. Next step unrest?

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    I'm glad I'm not the only person to have seen this excellent fairly short video clip that Jeremy Bosk recommended.

    It certainly should make us all think and that's a good thing.

    Jeff Lampert, another poster, would then rile us for inaction, but I really wonder what we, as individuals, can do?

    The 'dis-enfranchised' as you call them really scare me; especially as I was part of that society and lived in a particularly rough area for many years although didn't really feel I belonged there - it took almost a miracle for me to escape the prison I'd found myself in where there was almost no hope for the future and each and every day was a mental hell of survival as opposed to living.

    People should be allowed to live.

    The feeling of being disenfranchised means that all your hope has been taken away from you and you believe that 'normal' people are some strange alien species. Your comfort zone and ability to do anything positive is reduced as though you are gradually being choked by a cancer of despair.

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    You only get rich by working hard and by saving hard. In other words investing your excess income to produce a return.

    The reason the poor are getting poorer relative to others (but still richer in absolute terms), is that a lot of them are choosing not to work, at least in the UK.

    Then comes the question of saving. In order to save they need to earn more than they spend. However when the government takes 50% of your earnings, and you don't earn much, you're on a hiding to nothing.

    Likewise with government 'savings schemes' such as NI for pensions, they are truly awful value for money. A median worker on 26K a year, who had put their NI into the FTSE (even post crash) would have enough money for an RPI linked joint life annuity of 21K a year. Instead the government gives them 5K for their cash. It's only when you are on below 80% of minimum wage, would you be better off.

    The major cause of people being poor in the UK, is the UK government.


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