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    Recently graduated, need a card. Advice?

    Per the title, I just graduated this spring with my degree and now I am in the market for a credit card in order to start building my credit score. I don't really care to put more than $50-75/mo on it and I will pay it in full every month. My question is: what companies should I look at? What kind of card can I expect w/ no credit history? Should I get a "lesser" card on my own, or have my parents co-sign for a better card?

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    a credit card is a credit card is a credit card

    ask yourself what is it that you want, besides building your credit history, as any would as long as you pay it on time, carry little to none revolving credit.

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    Do you like earning rewards? In what form? You mentioned you'd spend less then 100$ a month on the card, what will you be charging?

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    If you are able to obtain a credit card on your own without your parents it would be best. However, since you likely have no credit history yet, this may not be possible. Some banks will offer some type of starter credit card but you would likely to have your parents co-sign on it. I suggest you call a couple of banks and find one without an annual fee. Most likely MasterCard or Visa.

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    Start with a low limit and show your parents that they can trust you.

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    After a few months or year of on time payments you should be able to qualify for a higher limit on your own.


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