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Thread: Changing jobs

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    Changing jobs

    I've been working in IT for the last 15 years, five of which have been a mixed helpdesk and workshop role for corporate clients. I loved it for the first four years or so. However, in recent times, I've been shifted away from the hands-on stuff and more towards remote helpdesk support. To be honest, I'm not comfortable with it at all so I want to move on. But I'm not sure what I want or what I should do.

    I love working on the physical machines themselves (replacing faulty parts or diagnosing issues), but not so much with supporting the software that runs on them. This dates back to my love of electronics as a child. Yet, everything is going software-based and hardware is pretty much disposable. So I feel like what I love and want isn't possible anymore. I've been almost entirely Windows-based from the start but in recent years I've grown to hate it. Part of me wants to leave the IT sector entirely but I have no idea what else I'd do. Another option might be to stay but focus on something else. I just find the corporate stuff very stressful and don't have a very thick skin even after all of this time, so people can get to me quite easily if they're any way aggressive.

    I guess at the end of the day, I want to be happy with what I'm working at, but am struggling to find what path to take. Sorry if this is all useless rambling, ask me any questions if required, but I guess I need to vent somewhere.

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    Everyone does and hope you find something you will be happy working at, Have you thought of doing anything totally different, sometimes a change can be great for you, as I found out myself a few times.

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    Problem is if you want to do hardware support then it going to be very basic money. Software is where the money is and even more so in the future.

    Do you keep yourself up to date on latest technologies ?

    Do you have any interest in coding, cloud development or cyber security ?

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    I'm in networking - but it's still mainly software configuration and support.

    There's also vmware and storage (netapp, emc) you might want to look at.

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    Yeah 'devops' is the word of the moment. Naturally it's been inflated into more than it should be but an IT guy that isn't afraid to write some scripts or even small utilities is going to command a good salary. Make sure you know about Azure and AWS. I know it's not hardware but that's where things are moving.


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