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    OK you slackers, get off the couch

    The libertarian Cato Institute recently flagged a paper published as part of the International Social Security Project by the National Bureau of Economic Research which tried to quantify just how much unused “work capacity” there is among retired Americans. Researchers determined that about 28 percent of Americans between the ages of 55 and 69 are healthy enough to be working but are not.

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    There's different kinds of work. Continuing into old age (65+) at a desk job doesn't strike me as very healthy. There's lots of elders who retire from the so-called workforce, much of which involves sitting at a desk, and continue to do active things all day long like farming or growing food or volunteering in active capacities like clearing trails. I think the point is being physically active, not in retiring vs not retiring. I mean active outside of going to the gym. Active in doing things on a daylong basis.

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    My goal is to be retired for longer than I worked, which is going to be kinda hard since I worked for 40 years. I'll have to live to 102. 35 years to go!

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    I never thought of it, but that is a goal I will reach for. Let's see I worked since I was 13, retired at 58 from the same career of 35 years, 64 1/2 now, so I plan to be retired until um...117? Sounds good to me!

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    Just say no! I have never had any burning desire to work till I die. Go figure!

    Get rid of the earnings cap. Let the rich pay taxes on their whole income just like everyone else. Then pay back the principal and interest on the funds they 'borrowed' from Social Security.

    It's not a gift or an entitlement. I start contributing to Social Security when I was 12. Since my H died before he collected a penny it's not likely I will live long enough to collect what we put in.


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    I expect better from NBER.

    Like they expect the over-55 long-term unemployed will be hired if only they look for work?


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