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    Hey, retirees: Go and spend some money

    It is about time I see someone write something that I feel I need to continue to do.

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    What had you been denying yourself for the last 40 years that was needed so urgently now?

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    I am.
    I am remodeling this entire house from top to bottom. It's where I am going to live the rest of the life I am given. And I want it to be mine. So, yes, I am spending like a fool.

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    I'm on it. Having a pool built. When that's done I'm thinking of buying the wife an Italian sports car.

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    We are doing the same and have been working on it for 18 months.

    A good day is when we only go to Lowes twice.

    Working on back yard now, master bathroom is the last biggie. Then just finish base/crown molding, get granite for kitchen, rehab all doors, put in new back door, do window sills and facings. Next year we paint the house soffit, put in gutters and another flowerbed.


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