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    Received statement from creditor.

    Good evening.

    I’ve disputed a debt that I have from 2009 that lowell are now trying to collect.

    I’ve been awaiting a statement from the original creditor. It arrived today and I’m sceptical that a company (provident) can be so lapse with the statement.

    The statement is from 2009 to 2013. The statement looks like a someone with basic IT skill has put it together. E.g there’s no company details like a logo. Also the transaction dates are jumping randomly and in no order.

    I’m sceptical as the amounts collected (apparently from an agent) range from 50p a week to 1 then a 3.49 payment.

    How can I beat go about disputing the statement?

    Can I ask for addresses attended?

    Can I contact the original creditor?

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    ‘I’ve disputed a debt that I have’. What are you disputing, if you say it’s your debt?
    ‘Amounts collected apparently from an agent’. Did the agent collect from you or not?

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    I’ve got no recollection of the debt let alone someone knocking on my door for 1 payments

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    Have you never had a doorstep loan, or is it more that you cannot remember this one in particular?

    I wouldn't expect a computer printout to have a company heading on it. There's nothing sceptical or lax about that.

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    Then the first thing you need from them is the address that the loan was registered at. Agents collecting from you had no more than a book to write the details in, but should have reconciled their collections on a sheet when they tallied up, took their commission and handed the sheet and takings into the office.
    There must have been a record of your name, address and loan amount if nothing else.

    If they come back with an address that you have previously lived at, I’d say it’s your debt, so they’ll say it’s your debt.


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