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    Request for debt for a 16 year old

    Hello. My son has just received a debt letter dated November 8th 2017, which I am very concerned about. I left a voicemail message asking the company for an explanation. He has no way of running up this debt. No previous letters have been received.

    The letter reads:
    Outstanding balance of 112 due to Evans & Dad Limited relating to services: 06/11/17.
    We have been instructed by Evans & Dad Limited to recover the above outstanding debt. All further correspondence concerning this account should be sent to this office.
    You should send immediate payment for the full amount by return. Payment instructions are on the reverse of this letter. If payment is received we will have no option but to advise our client of their option to issue legal proceedings against you. A claim would include costs and interest in addition to the amount you already owe.
    You should also be aware that an adverse court judgment could seriously affect your credit rating, making it extremely difficult for you to obtain credit from anyone in the future. It is therefore in your own interest to act now and settle this account.
    If there is a valid reason for non payment of this account DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER. Disputed should be notified to me in writing supported by clear evidence.
    Finally if are in genuine financial distress and unable to settle in full you must contact this office to discuss.
    Company details: P & J Debt Collection Services.

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    It could be a fishing exercise, they're writing to everyone with similar details until they catch the right one.

    I can't work out what Evans & Dad do. The only result I can find is their Companies House registration which lists them as other sports activities.

    Their address brings up more details, Mr Evans and his dad are bankrupts! I'd be contacting the Insolvency Service to report they're still operating their business.

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    My son is 16 years old so I do not know where his details have been found. He also has a different surname to adults in the home.

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    Umm a notice in the Gazette doesn’t automatically mean bankruptcy. The gazette link you showed showed the company as active.

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    After searching on the internet it turns out to be a football league that my son joined. They have his details and because he stopped going they have charged him. Not sure how they can do it without my signature because of his age.


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