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    Bad credit default due to come off


    I’m looking for a bit of advise. I have bad credit history from 5 years ago which are defaulted aswell as a ccj which is from 5 years ago and still currently paying.
    I am looking to getting a mortgage with my partner who has excellent credit and I know that at this moment in time I wouldn’t be able to get a mortgage.
    Will my defaults and ccj be wiped of in may as they are from may 2012 and will my credit rating go up? I was young and thought I’d get away with not paying!
    Shall I wait til this time next year to look at getting a mortgage if they are wiped off my credit report as it’s six years they stay on for if I am right at what I have been looking at?
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    The defaults will be removed 6 years after they are put on.

    Pay no attention to your credit score, which may go up, down or round in small circles. What is important is that lenders will view you as lower risk once the negatives are no longer visible.

    However, bear in mind that the lenders you defaulted on may keep their own records for longer.

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    Pay off th3 CCJ at least 6 months before the mortgage application.
    Your defaults and CCJ will vanish from your credi5vreports six years after they were issued (5 in Scotland), if you are still paying the CCJ or defaults they will come up in affordability checks. Lenders can and do ask to see six month bank statements

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    I've recently moved from Scotland to Northern Ireland and I wonder if the ccj will still dissappear after the 5 years or will it be 6 as I now no longer live there?

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    That info was wrong. Scottish decrees stay on your credit report for 6 years, just like CCJs, no matter where you lived, or live now.


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