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    Orange mobile collections??

    I was wondering if anyone could help...

    Im trying to improve my credit rating and have checked it online with clearscore and seen that I have an Orange mobile account with an outstanding balance. I want to set up a payment plan and phoned EE as they took over orange to see how I do that. They spoke to their department that deal with Orange accounts but as I don't have an account number they couldn't find anything on me, going by my old address.
    I was wondering if anyone knows what debt recovery agency deal with it and I could try phoning them as I can't find any letters relating to it. Mainly due to burying my head in the sand years ago regarding debts lol.
    I just don't see any other way of having it removed from my credit file other than obviously paying it but I can't do that until I find the debt recovery agency that deals with it. The account was from 2013.

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    They may use dozens.

    I would dispute it via the CRAs and see if they can get an answer. If not, then it should be removed.

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    Thanks for your reply! How would I dispute it? I really don't have a clue about any of this lol

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    You'll find contact details for disputes on each of the three CRA sites.

    You'd state that the default appears on your file but EE are unable to provide any evidence of what it relates to. You're happy to settle any valid debt, but if it's not, you would like it removed.

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    Thats great thank you so much for your help.


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