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    Items coming off credit file


    I have a few 'settled' items coming off my credit file. Will they come off automatically the day after the 'account default date' or the 'Account end date' or does it still take a while after this,

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    a) I imagine they'll have dropped off by the following update of your credit file
    b) Why does it matter unless you're heading straight out to obtain more credit?

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    Accounts leave your file 6 years after an account is closed.

    So if you closed an account via default, 6 years after this date.

    If you close an account via normal settlement, 6 years after that date.

    If you closed an account via default, then settled the default, 6 years after the default date, not the settlement date.

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    Thanks for replies. All the accounts were defaulted and settled. So I guess the credit file will be clear of the settled accounts after the default date.

    Its just a bit confusing is all. How often are credit files updated ?

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    I'd like to have a clear credit file as we are hoping to get a mortgage at some point, we are coming to arrangements with any outstanding monies owed, prior to any mortgage applications but want to make sure the credit file reflects all this or its pointless even dreaming about it


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