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    Savings account with min withdrawal age 21

    I am executor to my late mother's will. In it she wishes that savings for her great grandchildren can only be accessed at age 21. I've searched quite a number of banks and building societies so that I can place the money in them now, and I cannot find one offering the minimum age of 21. Virtually all those that offer accounts use the age of 18 or 16. Does anyone have any pointers for me?

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    I don't think any accounts will do so, you're an adult at 18 so any money in your account is accessible. You might need to setup some form of trust that specifies access requirements

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    You need to examine the exact terms of your mother's will - are the bequests "indefeasibly vested" in the children?

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    If so, then you hold the money in bare trust for them but they have the absolute legal right to access and control at the age of 18 (16 in Scotland).


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