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    UCGTRUST - p2p lending - possible 13% annually - any experience?


    These guys showed up in my twitter feed.

    They get something like 8.6/10 on trustpilot with 10 or more reviews (not a lot).

    They are offering 11.5% APR returns on investments of over 1000 for a 3 year fixed term. You can fix shorter but the interest is less. All the info is on the website and trust pilot I won't link it but I won't go over it all, it's easy to find, will take you 15 mins to fully understand.

    The money is guaranteed in case the debtor defaults, by the company.

    There is a referral scheme whereby if you use a referral code you get an additional 1.5% interest for the term, and the referee gets 1% of your initial deposit. So with 11.5% + 1.5% for being referred you could potentially AFAIK get 13% returns for 3 years.

    Any experience with this or similar? If you already have this, I'm planning to invest a little, anyone wanna PM me a referral code?

    Thanks. I know you guys don't like high interest get-rich-quick style schemes but this seems to be the real deal and it has (edit)[^d] $133 million lent so far.

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    No experience with UCG Trust, my first check on search gives nothing. - looks to be US based, but part uk. Strange.

    Company House says formed in July 2017, but reading trust pilot people say they have been with them over one year. That doesn't add up.

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    Here Ablrate, Collateral, Money Thing have been covered on forums, and Lendy (Savings Stream), all these have rates in 10%-16% range so 11.5% not abnormal or exceptional, just the facts, it seems UCG Trust is rather unknown - not sure how you become a leading player in such a short period.

    The FCA reference doesn't match any company, number is too short.

    UCG Trust doesn't appear on the FCA register.

    Then it's not 133 but $133million on the web site.

    Maybe I'm having a poor search day.

    If looking for P2P, look at the forums here, and on

    Collateral new loan notice today was for 15%pa, over 4months, no bid limit. Can be traded on the secondary market, but might not be very liquid. Number of other loans available on Ablrate, Collateral, MoneyThing. But suggest read carefully each loan, and get views from first.

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    Thanks for the very informative reply, but I must admit it's gone a little over my head. Are there p2p lenders out there with 16% *guaranteed* fca return? I would love that!

    What should I check out? I'm not tied in yet...

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    avcilar arapawl
    so basically you lend your money to a borrower which is then guaranteed by a company which can disappear/ become insolvent any time taking away their guarantees with it. What does sound as a "real deal" with it ?


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